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A Glance of Profile

Founded in 1980 as company engaged in inspection and quality control at international standard, which is recognized as quality service provider by Indonesias statutory authorities, MIGAS and Department of Manpower.

As one of Asias richest sources of natural gas, it should come as no surprise that Indonesia has also developed significant expertise in engineering and project management in the sector.

Foremost among Indonesias companies with an established international reputation is PT. TITIS SAMPURNA. With two decades of experience, the company is the partner of choice for many major international names in the sector.


It quickly became apparent that the developing industry provided opportunity in other areas, including instrumentation and project management.


PT. TITIS SAMPURNA has consistently acted as a pioneer in extending the expertise of the Indonesian industry.

We diversified in line with our core business and we are able to see opportunities where others were not.

In virtually every field we have entered, we have been the pioneers.

Jl. Sanjaya I No. 47-49, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta - 12110
Ph. +6221 7246029
Fax. +6221 7246058

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